the open source movement exists solely to be a watered down, ineffective version of the free software movement that's marketable to users and profitable for corporations

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free software is to open source as leftism is to liberalism

this toot aged very poorly. and it's only been like 2 months what the fuck is goi

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putting the toilet paper roll on backwards to own the libs

oracle wants to buy tiktok. this is so unfathomably cursed i have no idea what im supposed to think of this

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startup: "yeah we use bank-grade encryption on all our data"
faintly, in the background: "nothing on 1, click out of 2..."

today i had to think about a post-Mozilla web and god this is depressing

ben shapiro reading out the lyrics to cardi b - wap is the best thing to happen to 2020. we've peaked. nothing else will top this

yet another example of js shitting on all the type systems we hold dear to our hearts

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if javascript could represent monads, the then method on promises would be a weird combination of bind and fmap depending on the return type of the closure and i really don't like this

we are all qt beans in the big ol' tin can of life

@chillallmen is this when the female drone pilots stop listening to their orders

my smartwatch just gave me a notification that i slept 11 hours

it's 8:45pm

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